1. How do I order samples? A) Click on the shopping cart add to your cart. Check out and pay as per options stated.
  2. What is the sample cost? R150.00 + courier cost.
  3. What is the delivery time? 3-4 working days.
  4. Is the sample cost 100% adjustable? Yes, if you order Invitations from us. We refund you with the cost of the sample.
  5. Do we get to see text printing on sample(s)? Normally we have blank ones we send. If there is anything available we will send.
  6. How many cards can I choose to order as samples? As much as you require.
  7. Can I buy a personalized printed sample? We normally do the design digitally to be approved. If it is required to have a personalized printed sample you can email me with the request at ursula@jddesigns.co.za, bouncecorp@gmail.com.
  8. Is Sample cost adjusted in Low Quantity Order (Order below 50 cards) ? No we cannot refund a sample if 50 or less is taken.
  9. Are Envelope boxes, curios metal covered chipboard boxes and open pockets available in different colors to mix and match ? Yes.
  10. Envelopes Samples of R150 are subject to stock on hand. Otherwise minimum order of 50 has to be placed with all types of envelopes.